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What is Automated HR Org Chart

Automatically generate Organization Charts for HR Depts. and for all concerned across the organization from an existing data source

No need to manually redraw charts using tools such as Visio

Dynamically create and update Org Charts from the following Data Sources:

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Microsoft Excel worksheet
  • Text file
  • Microsoft Exchange Server directory
  • ODBC
  • MS SQL
  • LDAP
  • HR and higher management gives an updated view of the organization

    Can monitor various KPIs of HR resources of organization dynamically

    Plan & Model HR resources

    All concerned persons can see the up-to-date Organization Hierarchy without manual efforts

    Organizational chart can guide the employees to know the reporting hierarchy and there is more clarity on their roles

    Shows the relationships between the organization's staff members

    Manual efforts to create and update organization chart are totally eliminated

    Supports all three hierarchies such as Employee hierarchy (Supervisor hierarchy), Position hierarchy, Org Unit hierarchy

    Extensive ‘Search’ facility with multiple filters and criteria

    Easily Manage Large Charts

    Customize Charts

    Understand the Organization

    Plan for the Future with Drag-and-Drop Modeling

    Export charts to Excel, PowerPoint and PDFbr

    Browser based system

    Available in On-site and Cloud hosting versions

    View complex workforce data in information-rich, comprehensive org charts.

    Get insight into organization HR resources by easily navigating the visual org chart.

    Print, publish, and provide secure access to individuals or roles.

    Identify organizational risks and opportunities using intuitive tabular reporting integrated with the HR org chart.

    Easy setup and management

    Our Softwares enables anybody to create and publish organizational charts within minutes. With our org charting software there are no limits to your creativity for the design, layout, or content of your org chart. Whether kept simple for HR related tasks or a more complex organogram with key performance figures of your company, we makes it happen. Thanks to direct linkage to leading human resource management systems such as SAP ® ERP HCM, SuccessFactors™, PeopleSoft®, Workday®, Oracle HR®, the created org charts will always be up to date. Finally, various display options make the organizational charts available to individual target groups.

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    Yes, it provides OrgChart Simulation/ Plan & model that would, in turn, help the organization to plan and manage the workforce efficiently.

    Yes. The OrgChart platform provides the provision to support data from multiple sources thereby reducing additional data work.

    Yes, the OrgChart solution supports Calculated fields and can incorporate complex formulas as well. As per the updated data the Calculated fields too can be updated.

    Yes, OrgChart Schedulers can be set up at a given time frame to update the data to the system.

    OrgChart creation is highly flexible. A few of the main aspects of the OrgChart solution include conditional formatting, calculated fields, photo display, job description, key icons, legends, and reports.

    Automate your Business with Org Chart Software

    An organization chart maker is a tool that businesses and HR departments in specific, can use to visualize the structure of their company. When done manually, many organizations struggle to create and maintain organizational charts. The organizational chart makers offered by ePillars in UAE enables organizations to automate the org chart creation, removing the requirement to create them manually every time a change is required.  

    Org chart applications that ePillars offers are user-friendly with advanced functionalities. These applications improve the productivity of your organization and save time, unlike primitive software tools that are hard to use and are time-consuming. Organizational chart maker software illustrates an organization’s internal structure by detailing the roles, responsibilities, and relationships that exist between different individuals and teams.

    Choose Organizational Charting Software

    An organizational chart maker can enhance clarity & communication in an organization or business, helping to show exact lines of authority including the position of each employee within the company, clarity on organizational information, and user friendly. The following are few main reasons why ePillars recommends organizations in UAE to use Org Chart Software. 

    Effectively manage growth : Teams merging into one, expanding the departments or other future planning can be mapped out beforehand using the chart, allowing you to more accurately predict their success or failure. Every organization will grow over time to expand to different departments, sectors, and levels. The Org chart software  can provide an overall overview helping you to efficiently distribute your workforce and focus on higher productivity.
    Improve lines of communication : It is easy to visualize who holds what responsibilities, which in turn helps to minimize time and increase efficiency. The solution will help in effective communication within the organization thereby creating a good work environment. This in turn will increase teamwork and create a productive culture in the organization. 
    Visualize the bigger picture : Employees identifying how their roles directly contribute to the business will greatly improve staff morale and output. The employees can identify their involvement and influence in the revenue production The increased emphasis on data provides an opportunity for identifying the financial growth and workforce proficiency. The application does pull data from a variety of information systems, manipulating that data, and gleaning insights from it. Organization chart software helps in building on this core competency and assumes a business role with others in their organizations.

    Types of Planning & Purposes

    In addition to illustrating the above-mentioned reporting  relationships, org charts can also be used for scenarios like :

    • HR & Operations : New employee onboarding. The workload of the HR can be drastically reduced with the application making it easy for both the employee and the employer.  

    • Organizational Design : Project planning and management can be made highly efficient. Budget distribution and task management can be accessed quickly and easily.

    • Internal finance applications : Restructure planning. The emergence of new departments and sectors within the organization can be monitored and regulated accordingly 

    • Reduce manager's financial burdens : Evaluate the functioning of departments & employees. Cost distribution can be analyzed and thereby the finance can be managed effectively

    • Sales & Account Planning : Identify skills gaps. The overall workforce productivity and skills can be efficiently used in the respective departments as per the job descriptions thereby increasing the morale and productivity of the employees.

    • Organize individual departments : Improve hiring efforts. The vacancies and other position requirements can be easily analyzed and taken care of.

    Automated Org Chart Software Solutions: ePillars 

    ePillars has a platform providing world-class organization chart software for organizations in UAE as well as globally. . With 50 plus projects across GCC and having an in-house development team makes our organization a complete IT solution provider, providing the best solutions to organizations that follow organizational planning & development to have a successful business in UAE. Being one of the leading org chart software providers in UAE, ePillars makes sure that we provide the finest organizational chart maker solutions to streamline your in house departments, employee information, requirement process, etc. Depending on your organization’s requirement, we provide org chart software in various deployment options such as desktop, cloud and on-premise solutions. 

    Types of OrgCharts We Provide:

    Why Purchase Organization Chart Software from ePillars?

    Purchasing organizational chart maker from ePillars offers several benefits over other ordinary organizational charting solutions providers.

    1. Best support services
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    4. Enterprise & high profile corporate clients across GCC
    5. Tailor-made customizations and configurations 
    6. Expertise in implementing the software for clients from different sectors 
    7. Cost effective & efficient project implementation

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