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How to Improve Your Business With DocuSign in 2021?

27 February 2021 12:36 AM

As absurd as it may sound, the last thing that growing businesses should concentrate on is chasing after the paperwork. While paperwork is essential, getting it complete can often take eons, not to forget the stress and the effort involved. So, how about adopting something new that allows you to get the work done without having to endure the hassles of waiting, fretting and spending effort on it. DocuSign lets you do just that. 

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a credible eSignature brand launched in the United States in 2003 and has been globally accepted as an electronic service for signatures and approvals. The proof of the pudding is in its tasting; statistics highlight the brand’s popularity. 

DocuSign has over eighty-five million users across the globe.

Two hundred twenty-five thousand companies use the service.

The service is available in hundred and eighty-eight countries.

It is used by international brands such as Linkedin, Facebook, Unilever, etc.

Why Choose DocuSign?

DocuSign is not just another popular service; it is also a safe and reliable way to grow your business. Aragon Research deems it to be an industry leader, which is a great validation. 

Corporates and Government Agencies in UAE use DocuSign digital signing platform to ease their business functions. Providing global support, DocuSign makes it simple for worldwide users to share documents for signature in their native language. Apart from U.S. English, DocuSign enables 14 sending languages. ePillars, being the leading DocuSign provider in UAE offers the quickest support locally for DocuSign users, making it easy to use. 

Growing businesses have several constraints, time, money and human resources, to name a few. They strive and make do with what they have, often cutting costs to stay afloat. DocuSign can help small, medium, and large enterprises, overcome these hurdles and help them grow and expand. By using DocuSign, companies can boost performance, productiveness and offer the strongest encryption while decreasing time and expenditure.

How does DocuSign Help?

DocuSign is more than just a document signing platform; it seamlessly automates the completion of business documents approvals, contracts, licenses, etc. while consolidating and integrating them into systems you use. 

With DocuSign, you do not have to bother about faxes, hard copies of documents, shipping details or re-keying errors. The platform handles the minutest details, from reading documents to signing and sending them, and everything else that needs to be done in between. DocuSign provides a suite of services, from creating your document signing templates to instant signatures and managing all your documents from a single place.

The digitized documents are signed and shared securely and electronically online. For small, medium businesses and big enterprises, DocuSign enables smooth workflow, saving your valuable time and helping your business move forward. The global authentication and encryption standards of Docusign keeps your business secure and compliant. The entire signing workflow of DocuSign is transparent, and the user receives an audit trail for every document. 

Let’s delve into DocuSign’s main advantages -

Speedy Processing

With DocuSign, the document processing and time lost in waiting for signers is lowered considerably. In the conventional document signing process, there will be significant delay in getting authorized signatories to sign physical documents, couriering the same to clients and waiting for them to sign and return. Unlike this, DocuSign enables quick signing and faster business tracking. 

Boost Productivity

Automated processes are faster and time-saving and a way of improving productivity. With DocuSign taking over the work that people carry out, the team can assign them other, more productive tasks. 

Employee Satisfaction

DocuSign helps to reduce the time spent on paperwork, ensuring more productive tasks are carried out meeting business deadlines and goals easily. Happy and satisfied employees are more productive.

Meets Compliance

DocuSign sophisticated, legally enforceable audit trail feature captures the sequence of who has signed which documents(s), where they sign them (if geo-location is enabled), and when they signed it (with date and time). It has a digital audit trail, which has legal standing. 

Increased Security

DocuSign has more security features than conventional paper documents can offer. DocuSign encrypts the digital copies, ensuring they remain safe and secure. While in the conventional method, there is the scope of the physical documents getting delayed, lost, damaged, stolen or copied, the integrated features of DocuSign makes the signing process easier and secure. 

Cut Operational Costs

Going digital saves operational costs; it might not seem much initially, but it adds up to a substantial amount over time. Going paperless is environmentally friendly as well. Add up the cost of paper, printing, printer maintenance, printer ink cartridges, courier charges, envelopes, and storage; you will realize how going green could turn into a money-saving initiative. 

Easy Access

DocuSign helps you access, sign, and send your business documents from anywhere at any time. You can access documents whenever you want, on any device, digitally sign and send them. You do not have to go to the office to sign the papers or wait for your assistant to send them forward. DocuSign simplifies the signature and document approval process. 

Easy Collaboration

DocuSign’s interface connects easily with ERP, other software and business tools. Moreover, the customization options and templates feature on the platform improves workflow. You can share contract templates simultaneously with multiple parties and have them digitally signed.

Compatible with all Apps

DocuSign works on all types of computing devices and applications you already use. You do not need any additional device to access the service. DocuSign supports document file types used by Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, ensuring your documents can be sent for signature.

So, what’s not to like about it. If your business requires a lot of contracts and agreements, DocuSign can be your strongest ally to help with your business’s smooth running.

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