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OrgManager enables anybody to create and publish organizational charts within minutes. With our org charting software, there are no limits to your creativity for the design, layout, or content of your org chart. Whether kept simple for HR-related tasks or a more complex organogram with key performance figures of your company, org.manager makes it happen. ePillars, the Ingentis Org Manager partner in Dubai, UAE offers OrgManager solutions to ease your organizational charting processes.


DQ Guardian


HR - Controlling

OrgManager empowers you to easily calculate personnel or corporate statistics and to deliver visual reporting through organizational charts. Whether the size of the workforce, gender distributions, analysis of demographics, utilization ratios, budget reconciliations, or employee absences, our software generates easily comprehensible HR reports. That way org charts can become an effective strategic tool. Choosing OrgManager in UAE will be the ideal solution to simply create custom and data-rich org charts.

Analysis - rules and charts

Define a rule book to display organisational units, positions, and other employee data. To highlight information the user is free to replace data points with symbols or colours. Integrated chart functions enable the presentation of key performance indicators such as capacity utilization, budget plans, etc. in a personalized and informative way. Various chart features (e.g. bar chart, pie chart) are available, thus turning your org chart into a management dashboard.


Calculations and Key Statistics

Statistics like the size of the workforce, sickness rates, working hours, staff cost, or revenue figures of the company are insightful information that can be mapped swiftly in org chart with our charting software. The calculations can also be conducted with org.manager as long as raw data is available.

Employees and Enroll-Rates

Use org.manager to estimate employment figures for departments, or entire sections from a specified organizational level up- and downwards within your company. Similar calculations can of course be carried out for vacant positions or part-time roles.

Absences – the right diagnostic

Analysis of absences contains vital data points for the HR department. While indeed informative, data can often be unclear when presented in tabular format, which is why org.manager strives to provide a comprehensive image that allows to spot trends and areas where action is required.

Gender distribution

Gender distribution can be a sensitive topic and has gained attention at the most senior levels of corporations. Do you know the distribution within your company? No need to get wet palms now, org.manager has the information for you; precise, visual, and always up-to-date.


Structural changes and future-planning the easy way
org.simulator enables scenario analysis and modification of organizational charts without the need to alter the data of the human resources management system. A neat feature is the “lists of differences”, which allows post-modification comparison of structures. From restructurings via drag-and-drop to the creation and removal of departments, individual employees, or vacancies, to editing more specific information, simulations can be carried out in an extraordinarily user-friendly manner.

your company summarized on 9.7 inches
For on-the-go or smaller group meetings Ingentis org.manager [mobile] provides HR personnel and executives with a great tool to display information on the Apple iPad. Suited for daily use, the app gives access to organizational charts as well as deeper level information about departments, employees, and positions.

The cutting-edge Mobile Directory App for iPhone and Android devices that take your Corporate Directory to the NEXT LEVEL and integrate seamlessly into the leading org chart solution org.manager.
FREE Version for org.manager customers! Get to know your colleagues Have you ever wondered who the person working in the office across the hallway is, who you are almost certain is a colleague of yours but have no idea what he/she does? Or you want to talk to a peer of this one person, in a particular department, who happens to be on vacation? Or you need someone on your team for your project in Sweden with specific skills?

DQ Guardian for org.manager
Make the process of securing and improving data quality easy! The MB it-Consulting DQ Guardian is a calculation program that embeds into SAP HR master data systems. The tool allows you to automate the analysis of your SAP HR master data, highlighting errors for efficient correction while feeding relevant and timely measurements of data quality into the leading org charting solution org.manager.

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