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CAFM: Facility Management Software

CAFM, the Web-Based Computer Aided Facilities Management Solution to optimize the daily operations associated with facility management of your businesses in UAE

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CAFM for Businesses in UAE

Most organizations continue to do facilities management in the old-fashioned way with manual tracking of assets, planning on paper-based processes which consumes both considerable time, efforts and costs. ePillars offers CAFM software Solutions in UAE that unifies the facilities management requirements under a single software system. Our facility management software comprises several robust modules such as:

  • Space Management
  • Helps your organization to optimize space utilization, getting the most out of your space in terms of utility and cost.

  • Enterprise Asset Management and CMMS system
  • Helps to track the life cycle of all assets in your organization & aids in the monitoring, scheduling, execution and cost tracking for preventive maintenance (PM).It handles dynamic work orders for asset replacement or repair, track its execution and the cost incurred.

  • Coordinate Employee Movement
  • Employee assets can be easily assigned or reassigned spaces within the organization and moved can be planned, tracked and executed.

  • Facilities Drawing Management
  • Provides secure centralised storage for all building-architectural and infrastructure-based drawings, with an ability to enforce access control, maintain access logs, collaborate with stakeholders and more.

  • Building condition assessment
  • Monitor, Assess, Track the condition of the buildings within an organization. Forecast repairs, maintenance, future capital requirements and expenditures.

  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Plan, track and manage your real estate portfolio performance. Manage both spaces leased by your organization as well as organization property that has been leased out.

    Our CAFM Solution - VLogicFM

    VLogicFM, the CAFM solution provided by ePillars in UAE is the right tool for facility managers to plan, monitor, and manage business assets, streamlining the business management, resulting in improved workflow, maximized efficiency, and comfortable occupants in the space. VlogicFM is a unique CAFM/IWMS/CMMS solution that is able to integrate architectural plans and building systems infrastructural drawings with the asset management, space management and many other modules to provide a holistic view of the facilities information.

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    Key Features

    We provide unique solutions to your unique needs by combining specific modules into a customized solution.

    Accurate Budgeting due to forecasting based on up-to-date information
    Timely Reporting to the management on the facilities management
    Move employees dynamically
    Eliminate manual steps and processes saving time & effort
    Reduce asset downtime and reduce maintenance turn-around time
    Efficient Contractor and consultant management

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    CAFM Software in UAE

    With constant architectural and infrastructural changes to an organization’s structures, buildings and assets, facilities managers need to be on their toes to manage the various facilities' requirements.

    Businesses in UAE should use CAFM software to enable facility managers to make proactive decisions to carry out predictive maintenance for the buildings and their assets and effectively manage space within the facilities. With strict regulatory compliance norms, using computer-aided facilities management software, CAFM enables proper safety and environmental planning. This would help in minimizing accidents and violations due to untimely maintenance. 

    CAFM Software in UAE provided by ePillars, allows facilities managers to proactively manage the facilities, with a comprehensive understanding of the building condition, asset condition, space utilization, and more. 

    ePillars CAFM Solutions

    ePillars Systems offers CAFM solutions in UAE that are best suited for medium & large enterprises and the GCC market.

    We offer the VLogicFM CAFM / IWMS platform, which allows you for space utilization, assets management, building condition assessments, repair or maintenance jobs, personnel movement, and real estate held by the organization. 

    VLogicFM Solution, UAE

    With over 25 modules, VlogicFM is a comprehensive web-based CAFM solution that is uniquely designed by coupling the various architectural & infrastructural drawings with databases to support space-centred applications. ePillars offers the best VLogicFM in Dubai, which is a cost-effective yet scalable solution that can be customized to meet your organization’s specific facilities management requirements.

    Major Features of CAFM Solutions

    • Space Management
    Allows optimizing space & costs while tracking the utilization of space by the staff members. Space management also includes furniture management, the ability to track physical characteristics of spaces, provide customized reports, and more. 

    • Drawing Management
    Drawing management solution provides a centralized storage facility for your facilities’ drawings, documents & manage access control.

    • Asset Management
    Enterprise asset management helps manage the life cycle of all assets within a facility, schedule, track preventive maintenance (PM), create & execute on-demand work Orders, track work order costs.

    • Employee Move Management
    Identify employees that need to be moved and identify corresponding spaces that can be utilized effectively and execute movements within the facilities effortlessly. 

    • Condition Assessment
    A building condition assessment solution provides a holistic view of the building parameters such as structural health, compliance with building codes, logs of the various changes made, and estimate repairs and maintenance costs.

    • Property Management
    Real estate property management enables an organization to manage the owned property as well leased space. It helps in aiding the development of capital projects as per allocated budgets. 

    Benefits of CAFM Solutions

    CAFM offers several benefits to make your day-to-day job and business functions much easier and more efficient.

    1. Quick overview of multiple sites with the facility
    2. Efficient task management reducing manual work
    3. Visualize the overall efficiency of assets and space management.
    4. Real-Time Dashboards with Reports
    5. Centralized Repository of FM Data
    6. Essential in audits and inspections
    7. More structure and efficiency with CAFM Software
    8. Improves communication between customer-manager-technician interaction
    9. Boost for customer and employee satisfaction
    10. Track overall costs and projects
    11. Self-Service
    12. Smartly measure customer feedback

    Why Choose ePillars for CAFM in UAE?

    Based out of Dubai, ePillars is a leading digital transformation company in UAE which is well-positioned to service and support clients in GCC. We provide project Implementation, deployment assistance & CAFM training on our modules. Besides, we provide the know-how and best practices of CAFM implementation & usage. 

    ePillars is also well equipped to provide any required add-on services, integrations & IT support needed to get CAFM up and running in your organization. Also, we also offer asset tagging services in UAE and GCC along with our CAFM software solutions.

    Contact now to book CAFM solutions in UAE and run your business smoothly. 

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