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Digital Certificate Solutions

SSL Certificates in UAE provided by ePillars offers the strongest encryption available in varied options designed to meet your requirements. Supported with the finest encryption strength and browser ubiquity, our digital certificates provide rigorous validation and the highest level of authentication. With our Extended Validation (EV) certificate, you will get a branded green SECURE and HTTPS address bar, the trusted indicators on the web that make your users feel secure when they are on your website.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, also known as digital certificates, are used to build an encrypted connection between a browser or a user's computer and a website or a server. SSL certificate works as the cornerstone of a secure internet and it shields your sensitive information across the computer networks worldwide. Buying SSL certificates in UAE helps to get critical security, privacy, and data integrity for both your websites and your users' sensitive data including credit card information, and other personal information exchanged during each session, from being intercepted by non-authorized parties.

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SSL certificates enable a secure browser connection between the user and your website with strong encryption and the highest level of authenticity. All data will be protected from third parties access.

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Our SSL certificates in UAE are compatible with all browsers and mobile devices, ensuring maximum encryption and data protection for your visitors.


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Secure your site against phishing and manipulation of sensitive data of the users. Increased level of trust and assuring safe data transmission.

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Strong Encryption SSL

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Compatible with all major browsers


  • Unlimited Free Reissues
  • 2048-bit SSL Secure Sockets Layer with TLS Encryption
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Solid vetting to ensure strong Authentication
  • Secure Site Seal
  • Phone, Email, and Chat Support
  • Compatible with Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Exchange Server, and other servers
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and other operating systems

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SSL & TLS stands for Secure Sockets Layer & Transport Layer Security; both protocols are used to provide a secure connection between the website visitor & server. TLS is a newer protocol that has improved upon the SSL protocol, providing slightly higher security.

SSL certificate (UAE) from globally reputed brands starts from AED 914/year and upwards.

SSL certification is crucial if your website collects users' sensitive information such as credit card information, personal details, home address, purchase history, etc. Also, non-secure websites may be cracked down by Search Engines at any time.

The validity period of an SSL certificate is 1 or 2 years. No matter from which Certificate Authority or Reseller you purchase, once the validity period of the SSL Certificate is over, it expires.

Purchase an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority or its resellers. Activate the SSL Certificate by following all the necessary steps such as generating CSR, and then install your SSL/TLS Certificate.

Digital Certificates in UAE

SSL Certificates or digital certificates provide security to a website safeguarding its visitors and website owners alike. For businesses using SSL certificates secures the websites making it a trustworthy portal for visitors to share otherwise sensitive information and perform business transactions without security concerns.

ePillars is a trusted digital certificate provider in UAE for global brands such as DigiCert & GlobalSign that offers world-renowned SSL/TLS certificates, offering the best sales & after-sales support in the region. 

We have become one of the best digital certificate providers in UAE owing to our degree of authentication, globally-trusted digital certificates, and professional services. Contact now to buy SSL certificates in UAE from ePillars, the most reliable partner for digital certificate solutions across the Emirates.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate used to ensure the security of a website. This digital certificate is hosted on the web server, to enable a secure connection between the web server hosting the website and the user’s browser.

SSL certificates include information such as the domain name, public key, certificate authority (CA) that has issued the certificate, information about the person or organization to whom the certificate has been issued. It would also contain the issue & expiration date of the certificate.

Websites without an SSL certificate would have a URL “HTTP” and secure websites would have a URL starting with “HTTPS”. Some web browsers would also show a padlock symbol in front of the website address to show that the website is using an SSL certificate and is secure.   The authorized SSL Certificates provided by ePillars help your organization establish secure data communication via TLS/SSL protocols.

Types of SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates come in different types depending on the required use case. ePillars offer different types of SSL certificates in UAE including EV SSL certificates, Multi-domain SSL certificates, Wildcard SSL certificates, DV SSL Certificates, and OV SSL certificates.

Extended Validation (EV SSL) Certificates

To obtain an EV SSL, the right of the certificate applicant to use a particular domain name by the Certificate Authority (CA). The CA also performs a more thorough vetting of the organization when compared to Organizational Validated SSL certificates. The CA needs to verify the organization's physical, operational, and legal status & cross-check with official records to ascertain the identity of the organization. The CA also checks if the applicant has the properly authorized issuance of the certificate and has the exclusive rights to use the domain mentioned at the time of application.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

Multi-Domain SSL certificates provide encryption to multiple domains & subdomains. The total number of domains & sub-domains that can be secured by the single certificate depends on the Certificate Authority (CA) and would vary depending on the provider. Once a multi-domain certificate is issued, the inclusion of additional domain or sub-domains would require the certificate to be reissued. Domain Validation, Extended Validation & Organizational Validations SSL types are available.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates cover only one primary domain but cover unlimited sub-domains. Additional subdomains can be added later to the same Wildcard SSL Certificate. Domain & Organization Validation SSL types are available.  
Domain Validated (DV SSL) Certificates

Domain Validated SSL Certificates provide encryption and are limited to being only encryption certificates. It ensures a domain is registered and an administrator is in charge of the specified URL.

Domain Name rights are cross-checked by the certificate authority. However, information regarding the company identity is not cross-checked. No information besides the encryption information is shown. 

Advantages include quick issuance of the certificates since company documents need not be provided and is a relatively cheaper SSL certificate. On the other hand, there is no way to identify the recipient of the information shared by users on the site.

Organization Validated (OV SSL) Certificates

Organization Validated Certificates goes one step further and provides the organization information within the certificate. This includes the town, city, state, and country in which the certificate holder owns an organization. Certificate applicants are required to provide company documents to be vetted by the Certificate Authority (CA).

OV SSL certificates provide a clearer picture to users of the recipient of the information shared on the site. Businesses that perform commercial transactions on their site are more likely to benefit from added transparency provided to their users. CAs generally can issue OV SSL certificates in a few hours to a couple of days.

Advantages of SSL Certification

SSL/TLS Certificates provide several advantages: 

1. Data protection - Information shared by visitors on the website is always secure. 
2. Website Ranking - Websites that have an SSL certificate are considered to be more secure by google and this helps to improve its search engine ranking. 
3. Identity- The key advantage of an SSL certificate is it authenticates the identity of the website and this improves the trustworthiness of the website. 
4. Builds Trust - Website visitors have more trust to share information and perform transactions. 
5. Required for PCI compliance - Businesses that require transactions would require an SSL certificate as it is one of the prerequisites put forth by the Payments Cards Industry.

Why do you Need an SSL Certificate in UAE?

Searching for information on products & services has increased significantly in UAE over the last many years. Having a secure website ensures that customers and businesses that require to interact with you can do the same being assured that their information can be shared securely & perform business transactions on your website safely.

Choose ePillars for Trusted Digital Certificates

 ePillars, being one of the leading digital certificate providers in UAE, offers digital certificates from DigiCert & GlobalSign in UAE. Applying for digital certificates requires certain formalities & processes to be done, which can be time-consuming. We assist businesses in the certificate application process ensuring all the prerequisites for the certification process are met & that the certificate application process is completed in the shortest time possible. At ePillars, help you choose the right digital certificate solution that suits your business needs and budget. 

If you are looking for digital certificates or SSL certificates in UAE at the best price, reach out to us.

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