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Salesforce Partner in UAE

Salesforce Certified Partner in UAE

At ePillars, we pride ourselves on being Salesforce Certified Partners, delivering innovative solutions across the Salesforce ecosystem. Whether you're looking to streamline your sales processes, enhance customer service, or supercharge your marketing efforts, we have the expertise to transform your business.

Why Choose Us as Your Salesforce Partner in UAE?

Salesforce Certified Expertise

Our team consists of certified Salesforce professionals with extensive experience in the industry. From consulting to implementation, we have the expertise to optimize Salesforce for your unique business requirements.

Comprehensive CRM Solutions

Unlock the full potential of Salesforce with our comprehensive CRM solutions. Whether you are in real estate, marketing, or any other industry, our Salesforce consulting partners can tailor the CRM to suit
your needs.

Seamless Integration

Our Salesforce integration consultants ensure a seamless integration process, connecting Salesforce with your existing systems and technologies. Experience a streamlined workflow and improved efficiency with our integration solutions.

Digital Transformation

Embrace the future of business with our Salesforce digital transformation services. We guide you through the process of leveraging Salesforce for a digital makeover, enhancing your business processes and customer interactions.

Salesforce for Real Estate

Explore the possibilities of Salesforce for the real estate industry. Our experienced Salesforce consultants understand the unique challenges of the real estate sector and offer tailored solutions to streamline your processes.

Professional Services

Our team of Salesforce professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service. As a Salesforce partner based in Dubai, we understand the unique challenges of the Middle East and can tailor solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Specialized Integration Services



Explore the efficiency of our Salesforce-DocuSign integration for seamless and streamlined document signing processes.

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Salesforce-DocuSign CLM

Optimize your contract lifecycle with our Salesforce-DocuSign CLM solutions for streamlined and automated contract processes.

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Transform Your Business Today

Supercharge your business with our comprehensive Salesforce solutions. Whether you're just starting or looking to
optimize your current implementation, contact ePillars for a consultation and let our expertise drive your success.


Our valued clientele is spread across the Middle East especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

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Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform designed to manage customer relationships, streamline business processes, and drive growth. It works by providing a centralized database for customer information and a suite of tools for various business functions.

Yes, Salesforce is highly customizable. Users can tailor the platform to meet their unique business requirements by configuring fields, workflows, and processes. Custom development using Salesforce's programming language, APEX, is also an option.

Yes, ePillars specializes in Salesforce services for businesses in the United Arab Emirates. We excel in implementing and customizing Salesforce solutions, catering to both small startups and large enterprises. ePillars can help you leverage Salesforce to streamline your sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

Yes, Salesforce is accessible through the Salesforce Mobile App. This enables users to manage business processes, access data, and make informed decisions while on the go.

Salesforce plans start at $25 and offer various pricing options based on the features and services you need. Pricing typically depends on factors such as the number of users, the chosen edition, and any additional customization or integration requirements.

ePillars provides a range of services, including Salesforce implementation, customization, integration with existing systems, training, and ongoing support to businesses in the UAE.

Our Salesforce Services - ePillars

Sales Cloud Solutions: Maximize your sales team's efficiency and drive revenue growth with our Sales Cloud solutions. We tailor Salesforce Sales Cloud to align seamlessly with your unique business requirements, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Service Cloud Excellence: Deliver exceptional customer service experiences with our Service Cloud expertise. From case management to customer portals, we help you build robust service solutions that keep your customers satisfied and loyal.

Marketing Cloud Strategies: Unlock the power of personalized marketing campaigns with our Marketing Cloud services. We assist you in creating targeted, data-driven campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive engagement.

Salesforce-DocuSign Integration: Simplify and expedite your document signing processes with our Salesforce-DocuSign integration. Seamlessly merge the power of Salesforce and DocuSign to enhance contract management and accelerate deal closures.

Salesforce-DocuSign CLM: Optimize your contract lifecycle management (CLM) with our Salesforce-DocuSign CLM solutions. From contract creation to negotiation and eSignature, we help you streamline and automate your entire contract process.

Salesforce Essentials for Your Business


Salesforce Essentials introduces the concept of "Objects" as dynamic digital containers, efficiently organizing and storing a spectrum of diverse information. This innovative feature allows for a high degree of customization in terms of object properties, fields, and relationships, enabling businesses to tailor their data storage precisely to their unique operational requirements. This flexibility ensures that Salesforce serves as a centralized hub for comprehensive and organized data management, seamlessly aligning with the specific needs of your business.


The "Flows" functionality within Salesforce is a powerful tool for businesses seeking to streamline their operational workflows. Acting as a visual guide through predefined steps, Flows automate tasks and processes. The intuitive Flow Builder empowers users to create highly efficient and customized workflows, reducing manual effort and promoting consistency across various processes. This visual representation enhances user engagement and efficiency, contributing to a more streamlined and effective business operation.


With the "Approvals" feature, Salesforce Essentials introduces a structured and automated approach to decision-making processes. By automating record review and approval procedures, businesses can ensure a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Through the definition of criteria and steps, the Approvals feature not only expedites decision-making but also guarantees consistency and compliance, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency.

Data Model

At the core of Salesforce's robust data management capabilities lies the "Data Model." Serving as a comprehensive blueprint for organizing data within the platform, it allows businesses to define the relationships and interactions between different data objects. This enables the creation of custom objects and relationships that accurately mirror the intricate structure of your business, facilitating a nuanced and organized representation of your data.


Maintaining data accuracy is paramount, and Salesforce's "Validations" feature plays a crucial role in enforcing business standards. By establishing rules to prevent errors and ensure adherence to set standards, Validations contribute significantly to overall data quality. This meticulous approach to data validation ensures that the information within the Salesforce platform remains accurate, reliable, and in accordance with established business norms.


Salesforce empowers businesses with the ability to extend and customize their platform through "APEX," the dedicated programming language. This allows for the development of bespoke triggers, classes, and web services tailored to meet unique business requirements. APEX adds a layer of flexibility to the Salesforce experience, enabling businesses to adapt and evolve their CRM system to suit specific operational needs seamlessly

Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce Essentials offers robust reporting and visualization capabilities through Reports and Dashboards. Users can gain valuable insights, track key metrics, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. The ability to customize reports and dashboards allows businesses to visualize and analyze key performance indicators, contributing to data-driven decision-making.


Salesforce's Einstein, a virtual data scientist powered by AI, brings predictive analytics and automation to the platform. Einstein makes predictions, offers insights, and automates tasks based on data patterns. Leveraging machine learning models, businesses can enhance decision-making processes and improve the overall user experience by harnessing the power of intelligent automation.


AppExchange serves as the business app store for Salesforce Essentials, offering a vast marketplace of tools and applications to enhance platform functionality. Users can easily add apps, components, and integrations to extend the capabilities of Salesforce, tailoring the platform to their specific needs. This ecosystem provides a seamless way to enhance and expand the functionalities of Salesforce Essentials.

Data Loader

For efficient data management, Salesforce Essentials provides the Data Loader—a super-speedy data mover. This tool facilitates the import, export, and manipulation of large volumes of data, ensuring seamless data operations. Whether businesses need to migrate data, perform mass updates, or maintain data accuracy, the Data Loader simplifies these processes, contributing to overall data efficiency and integrity.

Advantages of Salesforce

Centralized Data Management

Salesforce offers a key advantage in centralized data management, streamlining operations by consolidating customer information into a single, accessible location. This centralized approach enables businesses to access comprehensive customer profiles instantly, fostering quicker decision-making and personalized service. With a unified view of customer data, organizations can enhance efficiency and deliver a more tailored experience to their clients.

Efficient Workflows

Efficiency is at the forefront of Salesforce's advantages, with automated tasks and workflows designed to save time and minimize errors. By streamlining processes, organizations can ensure smooth coordination between teams and reduce manual effort. Salesforce's efficient workflows contribute to error-free operations, enhancing overall productivity and allowing teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Salesforce promotes enhanced team collaboration by fostering better communication and breaking down silos. The platform encourages knowledge sharing and cross-functional collaboration, creating a cohesive work environment. Improved collaboration ensures that teams can work seamlessly together, share insights, and collectively contribute to the success of projects and initiatives.

Powerful Data Analytics

Salesforce provides powerful data analytics tools that enable businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and overall business performance. Leveraging predictive analytics, organizations can anticipate trends and make data-driven decisions for strategic growth. The robust analytics capabilities of Salesforce empower businesses to stay ahead of the competition through informed and proactive decision-making.

Personalized Marketing Strategies

Elevate marketing efforts with Salesforce's ability to deliver targeted and personalized campaigns. The platform allows businesses to harness customer data to tailor marketing messages, improving relevance and boosting customer engagement. By personalizing marketing strategies, organizations can create meaningful connections with their audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Scalability for Growth

Salesforce's flexible platform provides scalability, allowing businesses to adapt to changing needs and seamlessly scale their operations. The platform ensures that technology infrastructure grows in tandem with the business, providing a solid foundation for sustained success. This scalability feature enables organizations to expand their capabilities and meet evolving demands without the constraints of a rigid system.

Improved Customer Experiences

Salesforce contributes to improved customer experiences by streamlining interactions and providing efficient service. The platform allows organizations to implement proactive customer service strategies, anticipate customer needs, and deliver a seamless experience at every touchpoint. Enhancing customer satisfaction becomes a strategic advantage, fostering loyalty and positive brand perception.

App Integration

Create a unified business ecosystem with Salesforce's seamless app integration capabilities. Businesses can connect various apps and tools with Salesforce, enhancing operational efficiency and creating a consolidated workflow. This integration ensures that different facets of the business work together seamlessly, eliminating silos and optimizing processes for improved overall performance.

Real-time Reporting

Salesforce's real-time reporting capabilities empower businesses to make informed decisions by providing up-to-the-minute insights. This feature keeps organizations in control of key metrics, enabling agile decision-making and a proactive approach to business challenges. With real-time reporting, businesses can respond swiftly to market changes and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay connected on the go with the Salesforce mobile app, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness. Salesforce's mobile accessibility allows users to manage crucial tasks anytime, anywhere, enhancing productivity with the convenience of mobile access to Salesforce features. This mobile capability enables organizations to stay agile and responsive in today's fast-paced business environment.

Hyperforce in Salesforce Key Advantages: Powering Global Scalability

Hyperforce in Salesforce represents a transformative advancement, providing businesses with the tools needed to scale globally, comply with regional data regulations, and maintain a high level of performance and security. It positions Salesforce as an even more powerful solution for enterprises seeking a flexible, scalable, and globally accessible CRM platform.

Salesforce Hyperforce represents a paradigm shift in the Salesforce architecture, designed to provide unmatched scalability and performance. Here are the key advantages of Hyperforce within the Salesforce ecosystem:

Global Scalability

Hyperforce enables organizations to scale their Salesforce infrastructure globally, transcending geographical boundaries. This is particularly advantageous for multinational enterprises or businesses with diverse regional operations.

Data Residency and Compliance

With Hyperforce, Salesforce clients can adhere to specific data residency requirements more effectively. This is crucial for industries with stringent regulatory compliance standards, ensuring that data is stored in accordance with local regulations.

Enhanced Performance

Hyperforce leverages a more distributed architecture, resulting in enhanced performance and reduced latency. This is particularly beneficial for users across different regions, ensuring a consistently high level of responsiveness.

Customization and Adaptability

Salesforce Hyperforce maintains the platform's signature customization capabilities. Businesses can continue to tailor their Salesforce environment to meet unique business requirements while enjoying the advantages of a highly scalable architecture.

Security and Reliability

Hyperforce emphasizes robust security measures, ensuring that data remains protected even as it scales globally. The architecture is designed to provide a reliable and secure foundation, maintaining Salesforce's commitment to data integrity and privacy.

Improved User Experience

The enhanced performance and scalability of Hyperforce contribute to an improved user experience. Users can expect faster load times, seamless interactions, and a consistent experience irrespective of their geographic location.

Business Continuity

Hyperforce enhances business continuity by providing a scalable and resilient infrastructure. This is crucial for organizations that demand high availability and reliability in their CRM systems, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Flexibility for Growth

As businesses evolve, Hyperforce offers the flexibility to grow without the constraints of infrastructure limitations. It aligns with the dynamic needs of organizations, providing a foundation for sustained growth and adaptability.

Competitive Edge

By leveraging Hyperforce, businesses gain a competitive edge through a more agile and scalable CRM infrastructure. This agility allows organizations to respond swiftly to changing market conditions and business requirements.

Seamless Migration

Salesforce has designed Hyperforce to facilitate a seamless migration for existing customers. This ensures that businesses can transition to the new architecture without disrupting their ongoing operations or losing critical data.

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