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Electronic Document Management System | eDMS

eDMS for Businesses

Store & Manage Documents Digitally

Using a document management system will help your organisation to send & receive, track, capture, store & manage documents digitally. Reduce paper & Filing Cabinet space required in your offices.

Centralized Storage

Capture, centralize, and process information without manual touch. Automate and accelerate business processes such as invoice processing, contract management, or onboarding of new employees.

Paperless Office

A Document Management System (DMS) would significantly reduce the use of paper in your office environment. Integrate a digital signature solution with your DMS would eliminate the requirement to print documents for authorization, signing and approval purposes, thereby creating a truly paperless office.

Our Document Management System (DMS) Products

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d.velop Document Management with SharePoint and Microsoft 365 provides document management capabilities over a familiar UI to enhance the SharePoint and MS 365 experience.

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A document management system can help an organization manage its document & data in a central storage and improves business efficiency through its document workflows, integrations, fast search & retrieval of documents and intelligent indexing capabilities.

While SharePoint offers document management to a certain degree it lacks in comparison to a full-fledged eDMS in features such as full-text search, version control & the ability to control access to documents.

While choosing electronic document management software, it's key to consider its ability to integrate with other line-of-business systems, so that content can be accessed across a range of business applications.

eDMS or electronic document management system is an automated software for digitizing, organizing, tagging, capturing, approving, and completing tasks with your files.

Google Drive is a cloud-based program that lets you create, edit, store, and share documents. Though businesses use it as a file management system, it doesn't serve the purpose of a comprehensive document management system for organizations.

eDMS for Document Management

Electronic document management systems can be used to store & retrieve digital documents as well as manage, track & receive documents in centralized storage. ePillars offers eDMS solutions in UAE that can be used to replace an organization’s traditional paper-based document management approach with a more powerful digital & paperless system that allows for intelligent indexing and methods for quick capture, search & retrieval. 

Salient Features of eDMS

There are several types of document management systems available in the UAE market. Choosing the right one can be quite challenging. Some eDMS lack even the most basic features, rendering them ineffective for many tasks. A tailored electronic document management system will suit the specific needs of your organization. The eDMS you choose must have the functionalities capabilities you need for everyday tasks. Here are some essential features to look for while purchasing an eDMS for your business in UAE.

Search & Retrieval of Data and Documents

An eDMS can provide the ability to search for a document and also the data contained within the documents using indexed metadata. With OCR search capabilities content within images and scanned documents can also be searched for easily.

Structuring and Indexing Documents

An eDMS offers the easiest way to organize files digitally through automating indexing processes, ability to quickly classify and categorize documents and their content besides offering classic document structuring such as folders. 

Information Capture

eDMS can capture documents and data through document scanners, barcode scanners, mobile uploads. An eDMS is equipped to import files of various formats from several enterprise applications and systems. Forms are created and used to capture data as well.


Versioning allows newly edited documents to be stored as new versions automatically. Version control is possible and all previous versions are kept document history for quick access and preview. 


eDMS provides the ability to create simple yet powerful digital workflows. Workflows can in some cases be automated to improve process efficiency.

Device Independence

Documents in the eDMS can be accessed through a desktop browser irrespective of platform type (MAC, PC, or Linux). Mobile devices too can be used to access documents from anywhere.

Integration with e-Signature

eDMS integration with e-Signature allows for users to sign documents in the eDMS and provides a more complete paperless experience. 

Integration Capabilities

eDMS offers capabilities to integrate with other systems and applications. LDAP/ Active Directory integration is provided. Certain eDMS can also integrate seamlessly with Outlook, Sharepoint, and enterprise business applications like SAP, Oracle, and more.

Permissions & Access Control

This allows for documents to be set with permissions. These limits or allows users to perform a defined list of actions on a document based on the level of permissions granted. Passwords can also be set to protect confidential information within the eDMS.

eDMS We Provide

ePillars being the top electronic document management system providers in UAE offers the best eDMS solutions such as DocuWare.


ePillars offers DocuWare eDMS in UAE, the world’s leading electronic document management system trusted by reputed companies world-over. The solution is simple to implement, intuitive and has one of the most easy-to-use user interfaces amongst its competition globally which makes user onboarding a breeze. Easily integrate DocuWare with DocuSign - the world's most trusted digital signature platform. ePillars provides the implementation & local support for DocuWare in UAE. It can be deployed either on the cloud or on-premise.

Advantages of eDMS

eDMS offers several advantages over the conventional file management systems. More that just document organization and secure filing, an eDMS helps you save a lot of time, operational cost, flexible features and more. Here are 7 advantages of eDMS:

Saves Time 
With intelligent indexing, improved directory structure & powerful search capabilities an eDMS offers faster document retrieval which saves considerable time otherwise wasted in a manual search & retrieval of a paper-based document. It also provides an alternative to searching for documents on email which is unstructured and lacks the powerful search capabilities of an eDMS. 

Lower Administrative & Operational Costs

The usage of an eDMS would reduce the administrative costs associated with tasks such as scanning, printing, filing, sending paper-based documents. The following can be reduced: 

  1. Daily expenses for paper, toner, postal charges, etc. 
  2. Purchase requirement for printers, scanners, shredders. 
  3. Staff required to manage & distribute documents.

It saves operational costs on office space by eliminating the requirement for the physical storage of paper-based documents that might require a substantial area within the office space or the need to avail third party document storage or record management services.  

Enhanced Security

By providing encryption, an option to set passwords, and manage access rights an eDMS offers a significant upgrade in terms of security versus a conventional paper-based document management system.

Creating backups is also easier to achieve due to centralized storage, offering organizations to be well prepared in case of disaster recovery.  

Improved Workflows

An eDMS removes dependencies on paper-based processes within workflows through digitizing paper documents. It integrates with existing digital enterprise systems and applications such as an ERP, HRMS, CRM, and more to enable fluid workflows that improve efficiency and overall employee productivity. 

Easier Collaboration 

With centralized digital documents employees can collaborate within a department as well as inter-departmentally. 

An often overlooked aspect is the movement of documents between departments within an organization. Using paper is often slow, requiring multiple copies of documents.


Centralized Storage, Anywhere Access 

An eDMS would allow for all the documents to be stored digitally in a centralized location either on the cloud or on-premise. Files can be digitally accessed from anywhere by the users within the organization.  

Coherent System 

Since an electronic document management system can be integrated with several enterprise applications & systems it allows unifying document access by eliminating bottlenecks in the document flow between systems. 

Why eDMS for Businesses in UAE?

Conventionally, document management in UAE was confined to paper-based documents stored in physical document storage like large filing cabinets within organizations, document storage warehouses, or document record management companies when office storage is not feasible or larger volumes of storage are required. 

In the last few years, digital transformation in UAE has been a major focus point for all organizations be it big or small, private, public, or government entities. Solutions like Electronic Document Management Systems (eDMS) offered by ePillars look to digitize the paper-based documents eliminating the need to allocate expensive office space for document storage, avail physical storage at a document or record management service.

Trusted eDMS Partner in UAE

ePillars offers eDMS solutions in UAE tailored to the document management requirements of your organization. Depending on organization size and internal policy, we can deploy on cloud and on-premise for small, medium, and large enterprises. ePillars has significant integration expertise, and we help our customers to flawlessly integrate an electronic document management system with various existing enterprise systems to create a coherent system for document management.

Being a leading provider of e-signature solutions enables us to integrate e-signatures and eDMS solutions to help you seamlessly transform your business to move towards a paperless office. We facilitate the digitizing of your paper-based documents by providing document capturing & document archiving services if required. 

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