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Secure Electronic Signatures UAE

Digital Signatures - Legal & Compliant Electronic Signatures for Your Business

ePillars offers digital signatures, tamper-proof, encrypted & secure form of an electronic signature that helps you sign, send, and manage documents digitally. Choose a digital signature that helps your business get more accomplished while saving time and money.

US ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce)
FDA CFR 21 Part 11
US UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act)
US State Professional Engineering (PE) Seals
UN Model Electronic Signature Law
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
eIDAS (advanced signatures, eSeals)

Why Digital Signature over Standard Electronic Signature?

Digital signature is a secure form of an electronic signature that provides a tamper-proof replacement for physical or wet signatures. On the other hand, standard electronic signatures are often images or drawings of a signature which when used to sign documents. They could be tampered with and more over are not legally admissible.

Businesses require a solution that can sign documents digitally with an easy-to-use document workflow, eliminating the requirement to print, scan, and spend precious time on paperwork.

Secure digital signatures are recommended for legal contracts, HR documents like employee agreements, purchase orders, invoices, sales, & partnership agreements.

  • Legal Replacement for Wet Ink Signatures
  • Save Time - Signing Remotely on Any Device

  • Integrations with Existing Systems using APIs and SDKs
  • Secure & Safe - PKI-based Electronic Signatures
  • Save Money on Printing, Scanning and Mailing
  • Easy Workflows that Supports Multiple Signers

Digital Signature Solutions from ePillars

Choose an electronic signature solution that fits your organization’s needs. ePillars offers electronic signature solutions that can be integrated with your existing systems. Deploy a cloud-based electronic signature solution or an on-premise electronic signature solution accordingly to your business & industry needs..






DocuSign, the World’s No. 1 Electronic Signature trusted by over 200 million users worldwide, offers the easiest way to sign, send, and manage documents like agreements & contracts. DocuSign offers the Agreement Cloud which takes signing to the next level by automating the entire agreement process.

Global market leader in Electronic Signatures
350+ Integrations & leading APIs
24/7 customer support
Cloud & On-premise solutions
Compliance to global & industry-specific standards
Best user reviews for Apps on mobile (Android, iOS)


Go digital with emSigner’s digital signature solution that allows you to send, notify, sign as well as track & manage documents. A cost-effective solution trusted by thousands of small & medium enterprises, emSigner is their go-to digital signature & document processing solution.

Flexible deployment options
Customizable workflow templates
Send documents in bulk for signing in a single workflow
Verticalised dashboards that come with controlled access privileges
Inputs from various source systems through Universal API
Timestamping & archiving of critical documents


Sign business documents digitally using DTSigner electronic signature solution. Easy-to-use UI, rich features, and the affordable pricing model makes DTSigner a great option to sign documents securely for your business.

Cloud-based signing solution hosted in UAE
Rich set of features with an affordable pricing model
Individual eSignature certificates per user
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A digital signature is a secure, authenticable & tamper-proof type of electronic signature. An electronic signature is a broad classification of ways to sign a document.

Since 2006, as per the Federal E-commerce Law, certain forms of Electronic Signature including digital signatures have been recognized in the UAE.

The use of eSignatures would vary for each dept. based on the type of business. To name a few, the list includes Sales, HR, Legal, Purchase, Finance, etc. . The various industries where eSignatures are required include legal, insurance, banking, healthcare, property management, construction, etc.

Yes, eSignatures are legally binding. Electronic signatures are legally binding in a vast majority of countries around the world. Also, eSignatures carry the same legal effect as traditional physical or wet-ink signatures.

You can use electronic signatures to sign virtually any type of documents, including .doc, .pdf, .docx, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, and more.

Digital Signature Solutions, UAE

Digital signatures are a type of electronic signature that has encryption to securely sign documents and are authorized by certification authorities. Unlike standard electronic signatures, which can only show intent to sign a contract, digital signatures ensure that the signed documents are not tampered with and the signers can be verified using audit trails. ePillars recommends all businesses & government agencies in the UAE choose digital signatures over standard forms of electronic signatures as they are secure, tamper-proof, and legally admissible in a court of law.

Uses of Digital Signatures

The use of digital signature in businesses helps to meet three major goals of information security including authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation.The key uses of digital or electronic signatures comprise the following: 

Digital signatures can be used across various departments in an organization: 

 1. Legal departments can use digital signatures to sign documents such as notices, settlements, shareholder agreements, NDAs, and more.

 2. All organizations would have HR-related paperwork to be sorted out. Signing documents related to human capital management such as employee agreements, employee NDAs, onboarding, and  offboarding processes, and more can be done easily using a digital signature solution.

 3. When it comes to sales, sale orders & sale contracts can be approved, revised, and signed among the various stakeholders in the customer’s organization as well as internally. The total time spent per sale is considerably reduced when using a digital signature solution.

 4. Finance can use digital sign documents such as invoices, reports for expenses. Paperwork for compliance, audit, reports, and more can be approved, signed, and managed by digital signature solutions. Accounting can use the solution to sign tax-related documents. 

 5. Other departments too can use digital signatures to improve workflow. Procurement, IT, Facilities, Product Management, Marketing, and Support can benefit greatly from the solution.

Industries in UAE that can benefit from a Digital Signature Solution: 

  1. Banking 
  2. Insurance 
  3. Construction
  4. Logistics & Shipping 
  5. Real Estate
  6. Oil & Gas
  7. Government 
  8. Health Care
  9. Retail 
  10. Hospitality
  11. Retail 
  12. Technology
  13. Manufacturing 
  14. Accounting 
  15. Legal

Legality of Digital Signatures in UAE

In the UAE, the use and admissibility of electronic signatures are governed by the Electronic Transactions and E-Commerce Federal Law No.1 of 2006 (“Federal E-commerce Law”).

Significance of Digital Signatures

As digitization and digital transformation happen globally, UAE is moving towards being an economy that is quickly embracing the digital era. Governments & businesses alike are making the jump to a paperless office. Facilitating faster turnarounds on administrative tasks, digital signature enables you to use your valuable time in core business matters. eSignatures are beneficial to authenticate documents while maintaining security, improving efficiency, and reducing costs for your organisations. At ePillars, we believe choosing to sign digitally is a simple first step to embracing a paperless office and would help to do business faster.

Advantages of Digital Signature

The major advantages of digital signatures include:

   1. Digital Replacement for wet-ink signatures
   2. They create tamper-proof electronic documents
   3. Legally accepted form of signature in UAE and other countries world over for most business transactions.
   4. A faster way to sign documents as there is no waiting, printing, scanning, faxing, or mailing required.  
   5. Secure & safe compared to wet-ink signatures and standard/image-based electronic signatures

Why Electronic Signature in UAE 

Being at the center of global business, organizations based in UAE require their employees to work anywhere, no matter where they are located geographically. Businesses & governments in the region also look to reduce their carbon footprint and use less paper. Electronic signatures allow users to sign documents from anywhere in the world, without having to use paper, saving valuable time & money. 

Choose ePillars for Electronic Signatures in UAE

ePillars is one of leading cloud & on-premise digital signature providers in the UAE with dedicated local support for global brands.

With certified expertise in DocuSign, Zoho Sign, and other digital signature solutions, we can offer a solution that can be customized to your organization's needs. We are also experienced in implementing solutions for SMEs, enterprises, and government agencies with strong expertise in integrating digital signatures with SAP, Oracle, Ariba, Salesforce, SuccessFactors, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Office 365.

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