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Odoo Inventory Management - The Ultimate Solution For Your Warehousing Business

31 May 2021 02:33 PM

Odoo the open-source ERP platform comes with choices – on cloud, on-premise, licensed, unlicensed. It is so flexible & seamlessly integrated that you can start with your warehouse management today and go on adding modules as your business operations grow. With its 3000+ applications, any involved processes can be made simple and easy with Odoo. It simplifies the process of stock movement, multiple warehouse management, warehouse routing, logistics management, etc.

Features of Odoo Inventory Management

Multiple warehouse management

 Odoo can help you to manage multiple warehouses of your company be it at single or multiple locations or geographically apart. The users can add all locations to the inventory section of the respective company in case of multiple companies and manage every product in and out of their respective warehouses.

Traceability of products

 The Odoo platform allows you to trace the product movement from the time your product reaches your warehouse until it reaches the customer. It makes use of the serial number and lot number feature to achieve this. This feature is important for quality assurance, product recall, enhanced security, post sales support etc.

Barcode integrations

 Odoo supports any standard barcode hardware, you just need to enable the barcode integration option in its settings. Users can generate various barcodes for the respective products. Barcode helps in the storage of the products, sale, and transportation of the products. It is also used to generate barcodes for specific offers, deals, and promotions.

Reordering rules

 It allows the user to set minimum of units that you wish to be always maintained in the stock. This helps you in ensuring the running products are always in stock and you are not loosing a customer to your competitors for popular products.

Reporting features or forecasting

Odoo will generate reports based on the basic information you provide. The parameters and strategies of the reports are customized as per the need of your company. You can generate reports based on various parameters. You also have your favorite application excel built into Odoo, this helps generate intelligent data to make profitable decisions on sales and products.


The users can create routes for the movement of the product for purchase, sales, and manufacturing. The routes consist of every single movement of the product within the company. For eg : In manufacturing using this feature the user can define the stages through which a product needs to move, like cutting, painting, molding etc to turn it into a finalized product.

Removal strategies

 Odoo provides automated removal strategies of the product upon sales which makes your job easier and simple.  It can be defined as FIFO, LIFO, and FEFO

FIFO (first in first out): products with short demands or perishable goods must use this rule so that there won't be any products that lose their quality or be damaged.

LIFO (last in first out): the strategy that is opposite to FIFO, where the products entered the last move out first.

FEFO (first expiry first out): the products move out of the warehouse according to their expiration date. It is easier to manage products based on expiration date by setting the removal date on the lot or serial numbers. It will allow you to set the best before date, end of life date, alert date, and removal date on the serial number.

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