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Product Management with Odoo

02 June 2021 08:03 PM

For most organization’s tracking goods movement in their inventory is an indispensable parameter of their operations.   Odoo helps in tracking goods in bulk, lot, batches or as an individual unit. To achieve this Odoo makes use of the lots and serial number feature in it.

Even though lots and serial numbers provide similar functionality, they are used for different reasons. 

Lots are useful in tracking large quantities of products or batch production while serial numbers are used on individual products even if they are of the same model.

Lot number helps in reporting, quality controls, regulatory compliance while serial numbers also help’s in after-sales services of products like refund of goods or provide warranty on goods by helping trace product’s individually.

Uses of Lot Number and Serial Number in Odoo

Quality assurance

By tracking the lot/ serial numbers, customer complaints can be related back to the production company in order to fix the problem or change in the manufacturing process.

Legal compliance

Sometimes in business which have products such as medical supplies, fireworks ,etc. may require a lot/ serial number for all manufacturing products in order to ensure consumer safety and to hold the production company accountable if any issues arise.

Product Recall 

In the case of product recall, it is easier to identify the product that needs to be returned and also to pinpoint the issue and reasons for recall.

Enhanced Security

Serial numbers are necessary when we deal with warranty claims, stolen and forged goods.

Benefits Odoo Offers in Using Lots and Serial Numbers

                • With the help of serial number and lot number, Odoo provides you with Double-entry management which provides advanced traceability of the products.
                • Odoo provides you with all kinds of reports that you might need and at the same time allows you to add report features or terminologies as per your company’s requirement.
                • Odoo helps the users to create unique lots and serial numbers for every product that is added or purchased increasing accountability & traceability of each & every product.
                • Removal of products based on expiry dates becomes easy with Odoo since the expiry dates can be assigned to a lot or serial number of the product.
                • Odoo can create custom barcodes to include certain features like promotion with serials/ lot numbers.
                • Managing and locating assets is much easier with the help of lots/ serial numbers.
                • Odoo fully integrates lots and serial numbers with almost all modules.

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