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Why Is Org chart Software Important For Businesses?

25 March 2021 08:25 PM

Organizational Chart is a basic requirement not only for business but also for every organization. The chart would elaborate on the reporting structure, the position of each individual in the entity, the authority of the positions and the responsibilities. It will help a new employee be able to understand the organization in a quick glance itself. Further, it will aid different teams in the organization to work in tandem with each other.

An org chart will enable the following:

  • The hierarchy of management and team

  • Layout the responsibilities

  • Define the authority of the members of the organization

  • Indicate the duties of each team member thereby eliminating ambiguity

  • Quick reference for anyone to understand the structure of the entity

  • Clarify the organizational goals

  • Establish a clear way ahead to attain the goal

Benefits of Org Chart

Undoubtedly, an Organogram or organizational chart is unavoidable for every entity to obtain optimal growth. It must be prepared along with the formation of the organization itself. You are never late if you haven’t thought of an org chart yet. Prepare a well-organized org chart with the help of advanced org chart software that will provide extensive benefits to your company.

The advantages offered by an org chart are :

  • It will define the responsibility of each post or position in the organization. “Everyone’s job is no one’s job,” is a popular saying, which means that unless you assign the responsibility to someone in the firm, you cannot expect the task to be done. Org chart will detail the roles and responsibilities for the members to follow.

  • The chart will establish the authority of each position and therefore, the person in the subject post doesn’t have to struggle to get the work done. The subordinates will clearly understand the person’s power and will be obliged to follow his or her directives.

  • Structuring or restructuring to enhance productivity would be easy, with an organizational chart in place. The management or independent agencies assigned to the task would be able to understand the areas that impede performance. With merger or removal of that particular section would be beneficial for the growth of the firm.

  • The organizational chart will aid the management and other responsible members in decision-making.

  • With a detailed view of the members, positions and teams available, the authority can allocate resources effortlessly. Making sure of a flawless business operation and assured result.

  • The chart will give an in-depth idea about the teams of the entity. Thereby, the third-party agency or a client can understand the production cycle and performance probabilities

There are two types of org charts available,  traditional org chart and advanced org chart. Advanced organizational chart uses software aided technology to maintain the chart. Unlike the traditional chart, it doesn’t require constant monitoring and physical updating. Recognizing this aspect, most organizations are switching over to modern org chart software.

Drawbacks of Traditional Org Chart

Traditional charts have several disadvantages, which have augmented the popularity of modern org charts and usage of org chart software.

  • A person would be required to undertake changes and amendments in the organization.

  • The static org chart may turn obsolete with the addition of new employees or changes within the organization. Necessitating preparation of a new chart.

  • The org chart will require quick revision in a firm, which undergoes frequent changes.

  • Clarity may be an issue at times.

  • The traditional chart will not provide any further idea about the organization other than what is written on it. The same is not the case with a software aided org chart.

Advantages of Using Org Chart Software

Our meticulous research in the field reveals that firms embracing org chart software is increasing at a rapid rate. The advantages offered by the software act as if alkali to promote the usage. Let us see why org chart software is important for a business.

  • The org chart software doesn’t need a person to update the chart with every change in the organization. The software will capture the data from the designated place and make the necessary amendments to the structure. Hence, the organizational chart made using advanced software will be current at any given point in time.

  • The shape, structure, and pattern could be decided according to your tastes. The placement or view of the org chart could be vertical, horizontal or other structures of your choice.

  • The org chart software helps you to include the logo, caption, legends and other additional  info about the organization in the chart.

  • It could be in your personal computer, office stand-alone pc or integrated with the website for your clients and shareholders to view.

  • The software-supported org chart will be self-explanatory. It will provide the details about the organization and positions in a single click.

  • You can export the chart to other software including MS Excel/CSV as well. Helping the entity to use the chart for other purposes also.

  • Exclude the sections you don’t want to view in a single click and explore the one you want.

  • Understand your financial implications, workforce and plan ahead. The software will provide you the platform to do planning and efficiently organize for a successful future.

The above-mentioned are some of the benefits of using org chart software. We suggest you opt for org chart software if you haven’t yet. ePillars offers Org.Manager and Org Plus, two leading organizational chart makers to transform your HR operations, ensuring consistency and a concrete reference to look back in case of confusion.

Reach out to ePillars system LLC, one of the leading companies for business transformation solutions in UAE to discuss more this and obtain custom-tailored org chart software for your firm.

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