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With Insperity OrgPlus, you get more than just a basic org chart and pretty picture – it’s a holistic view of your entire organization, with all the information you need to view, analyze and communicate your workforce issues. OrgPlus software is an excellent business planning tool that empowers your organization to make better and smarter workforce decisions.

Neat & Flexible

Tons of Features

Easy to use

Boardroom-quality org charts

OrgPlus software helps you create boardroom quality org charts fast – no drawing required. Just type names, titles and information into each box, and the chart builds automatically. No manual positioning or connecting needed! Just drag one of 36 professionally designed templates onto your chart and it becomes presentation quality in no time.

Who wants to make an org chart from scratch when you already have all your employee data in another program? Include detailed HR data from any source and link sub-charts for easy navigation of tens to hundreds of employees. See your company data, fast.

Planning and analysis

Model – Built specifically to manage and display org charts of varying complexity, OrgPlus features a dynamic interface that automatically adjusts as you add or remove boxes. Update your charts in seconds – not hours or days. Reorganize a department, division or your entire company with intuitive click-drag features.

Analyze – The org chart is just the beginning. OrgPlus charting software is designed for business planning. Quickly create data-rich charts that display headcount calculations, salary rollups, average tenure or any other data crucial to making informed decisions. By transforming data into insight, the workforce analytics in OrgPlus software help organizations adapt and respond to change.


Easily Manage Large Charts

Break large, complex charts into easy-to-manage hyperlinked sub-charts, and save time by creating multiple tabs within one file to present different views of the organization. Chart information can be published to navigable PDF, HTML, Microsoft Office documents and more.

Customize Charts

Personalize your charts by effortlessly applying colorfully designed templates. Select from various box layout options, multi-record options, to more efficiently visualize large groups. Use optimized branch styles to eliminate repetitive steps and improve chart views.

Understand the Organization

OrgPlus charting software embeds over three dozen commonly used HR views into predefined View Templates. All you need to do is map your data to OrgPlus fields, and you can quickly toggle through organizational views ranging from contact information to salary and diversity analysis.

Plan for the Future with Drag-and-Drop Modeling

Use intuitive and powerful tools to create one or more organizational scenarios. Set limits for headcount, total compensation or any other parameter and watch as your updates take effect. Compare different scenarios instantly, and when you are done, easily communicate your scenarios to your stakeholders.


View complex workforce data in information-rich, comprehensive org charts.

in insight by easily navigating the visual org chart.

Print, publish, and provide secure access to individuals or roles.

View metrics and key performance indicators for individuals, teams, or the entire organization.

Access accurate, multidimensional HR workforce analytics.

Identify organizational risks and opportunities using intuitive tabular reporting integrated with the HR org chart.

Quickly configure charts for the entire workforce or specific groups.

Receive accurate, dynamically updated HR data from your ERP, Talent or HR software system.

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