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Ramco HCM on Cloud

Ramco HCM on Cloud is a global HR & talent management solution that covers your organization’s human capital management needs from hire to retire.


Workforce Management

Businesses are subject to economic cycles. They are expected to deliver on their commitment to their shareholders irrespective of market conditions. In a down swing, businesses are forced to cut costs, work with reduced support staff etc. Topline growth through existing and new avenues remains a challenge at all times. Among the many levers that businesses would want to utilize to achieve their goals, Workforce Management is a critical component.

Recruitment Management

Ramco HCM’s end-to-end recruiting functions enable you to quickly find the right talent and build long-term relationships with current and potential employees at far lesser costs. The software allows users to capture staffing requirements, collaborate with recruitment agencies, enter and shortlist profiles of potential candidates, schedule interviews, rate and select applicants, offer jobs and bring them onboard.

Talent Management

Ramco anticipates that customers will demand unique systems that evolve with changing market conditions and Ramco HCM has been designed to meet that need. With Ramco HCM, you can plan your talent requirements, build a strong brand image to attract the very best, ensure that new hires are integrated quickly to maximize productivity, retain high performing talent, and facilitate continuous movement of talent to where they have the maximum impact within the organization.

Employee Development

Ramco HCM takes care of the end-to-end training and development process of your employee, right from maintaining faculty, courses, modules and programs to maintaining the training calendar, recording participant assessment and faculty and participant feedback. Training needs are identified by matching job requirements with an employee's competencies, and analyzing qualification and skill-set gaps.

Payroll & Benefits

Ramco HCM is packed with functionalities that enable you to comprehensively, and yet simplistically, handle payroll processing. The payroll processing software allows you to create rules that exist in your organization, and define your business logics.

Workforce Planning

Planning is a key element in managing Human Capital. With Ramco HCM, planning becomes simplified for HR executives through Workforce Planning, Career Planning & Succession Planning modules.


With the convergence of technology and social trends, consumer experience has begun to drive enterprise user experience. The rapid adoption and proliferation of new age mobile devices has made it essential for applications to become intuitive, engaging and contextual.Ramco HCM has been designed to keep pace with these changing trends. As one of the leading providers of Enterprise Applications on Cloud, we believe that enterprise apps should be as dynamic and usable as consumer apps. It is this philosophy that has led to the birth of our product strategy.

Being a public cloud offering, Ramco HCM offers easy deployment. All that a user requires in terms of infrastructure is the ubiquitous browser. This, coupled with Mobility, opens up amazing possibilities for a progressive organization.

Large multinationals with presence in multiple countries often face the challenge of reducing their payroll processing costs. Since payroll is governed by the country’s statutory and industry regulations, it is important to ensure compliance and avoid fallouts arising from inaccurate computation.Ramco HCM offers a unified payroll processing system that enables companies to run their entire payroll on a single platform.

Ramco HCM is not just designed for an out of the world user experience; it helps user complete transactions intuitively, with the user role and transaction context being central to the experience. Let’s take the example of Leave Management. The system notices the number of leave days entered and intelligently defaults the Type of Leave for the user. While the user can always change the information, in most cases, it will save data entry and help close the transaction quickly. Similarly, for Timesheet entry, the system recognizes the user and algorithmically defaults the Projects/Activities that the user is required to enter, based on the historical data available in the system.

While being a Cloud offering, Ramco HCM is not a “one size fits all” solution. Ramco offers proven extension kits to its implementation partners to extend the functionality of existing features,, based on specific customer needs. Ramco also offers a proven and robust integration framework (Ramco iRIS) for providing connectivity to other legacy applications for data exchange.

Ramco HCM offers WorkSpaces for key HR user roles, including Employee Self-Service, thus revolutionizing the way a user leverages IT systems to accomplish day-to-day business transactions. WorkSpaces provide a next-gen user experience with seamless navigation, minimal clicks & quick action. They have been designed by specialists, keeping in view the typical usage behavior of each user’s role. Not only are these WorkSpaces very simple to use, they are also effective for the role for which they have been designed.

For an organization with multiple locations and products, the payroll process can be difficult and complex, when seen as a whole. If it was to be further broken say country-wise, it would increase the elapsed time and lock up computing resources. The payroll process must handle a confluence of information streams. Basic pay data, employee claims, time sheets, slab based computations etc. are all examples of these streams. This information needs to be combined in a logical manner to return computed results.

Ramco HCM aims to make employment an easy, savvy and fun experience by tapping into trends like engagement modeling, gamification and social media. For example, the onboarding process can leverage on Gamification (crossword puzzle with clues) and make the induction process easy and fun.

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